Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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SEO Mythbusters

Myth 1

SEO is all about ranking

While there is a strong correlation between search engine results and click through rates, ranking is not the bees knees some people think it is. How many times have you clicked on a page 1 website but found yourself wanting after the visit? You could theoretically rank quite well for a term and gets heaps of traffic, however, if your website is poorly built will leave your highly ranked site as soon fast as they found it.

Myth 2

You must submit your site to Google

Google crawlers will find your site in due time, and whether or not you submit your site will have no effect on your Google ranking, sorry.

Myth 3

SEO is not about usability

SEO is no longer about simply being found, it’s about improving user engagement with your content to keep visitors on your site longer and turn more visits into leads. To keep visitors on your website longer, make sure the content you publish is personalised and relevant. You should also make sure that your website structure is easy to follow; this isn’t a treasure hunt, visits want to find what they need quickly without following a labyrinth to find it.

Myth 4

More links are better than more content

Too many businesses in the past have focused on quantity rather than quality of links – but because of changing Google algorithms link building is no longer a numbers game. When you invest in content, it can be used as website pages, blog posts, lead generation offers, and guest posts on other sites – all things that will bring more links over time.

Myth 5

On-page SEO is all I need to rank

While you won’t get far with spotty on-page SEO you also won’t be making round the world trips if you don’t put in effort into your off-page SEO. Your SEO efforts should a holistic approach that encompasses on-page and off-page SEO, user experience, and conversation.

Myth 6

The more indexed pages I have, the better

As a general rule those who strive to have more pages on their websites also tend to overlook the quality of those pages; which can be understand as having a balance of both quality and quantity can be hard. The biggest problem with having lots of pages of poor quality is that they won’t generate any qualified traffic or leads, which is after all the whole point of a successful website. When it comes to choosing quality of content over quantity, follow this simple rule: publish only what is most relevant.

Myth 7

The H1 is the most important on-page component

While this use to be true, search engines have become smarter due to people spamming this SEO technic to death. Now days the H1, H2, H3 and so on are mostly used for styling purposes and has little to no bearing on your SEO. Remember, you’re optimising your website for users first, and search engines second, which means you should aim to present your most important information first and foremost on the page. After all, the sooner your visitors find what they need the longer they stay.

Myth 8

My home page needs a lot of content

Think of the home page of your website as virtual reception area, it should give visitors a quick breakdown of who you are and what you do without overwhelming them. Things you should have on your home page:

Myth 9

I must have an ideal keyword density on all my pages

Unfortunately there’s no special formula for the ideal keyword density. The last thing a visitor wants to see is an over optimised page stuff full of keywords that don’t make any sense, on the other hand they also don’t want to go to a page that has no mention of the keyword, they’ll just leave confused in both cases. The keyword/s should be included in:

Myth 10

Keywords need to be an exact match

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