Online Shop Design

10 Reasons why you will benefit from an online shop designed by Made2Create

Lower Setup and Running Costs

One of the most quantifiable benefits of an online shop is lowered setup and overhead costs associated with a physical store. Here are some other ways cost can be reduced:

  • Personnel: The automation of checkout, billing and inventory management  mean you need less staff to complete these tasks
  • Real Estate: No need for a fancy shop when thousands of people can visit your shop from the comfort of their own homes
  • Stock management: Because you can ship direct from your supplier to the customer there’s no need to hold unnecessary stock on your premises

Overcome Geographic Boundaries

The problem with having a physical store alone is that you’re limited to customers within driving distance, an online shop means the world is your oyster.

Your Business Can Remain Open 24/7

Recent finding in Nielsen, Australian Online Consumer Report found that more than one in five online Australians shop/browse online between 6pm and 10pm. Online shops are open 24/7/365 giving shoppers a more convenient way to shop and giving you more time and opportunity to sell your product.

Generate Customers from Google Visibility

While you may already have a sound marketing strategy, you cannot underestimate the amount of customers that can be gained through search engine results. Traditional forms of marketing focus on specific target markets, while being found organically on Google means that you gain customers from markets you may not have considered previously.

Provide Your Customers with More Information

There’s a limit to how much information you can display at a physical store and only the most gifted of sales people have the ability to remember all the information for every product that you sell. An online shop makes additional information readily available to customers, and because most of the information is provided by the vendor it won’t cost you anything to create or maintain it.

Acquire Customer Information for Future Promotions

Online shops are a fast and easy way to conduct market research and because they’re already on your website you know that they like your product. Allowing customers to sign up for your newsletter and future promotions is not only good customer service it’s a great and inexpensive way to let them know about future sales and products without the need for the expensive use of printed material.

Create Niche Markets

Buyers and sellers of niche products can often find it difficult to find what they’re looking for; an online shop makes it easy. All a customer has to do is type in the product they are looking for into a search engine.

Provide Your Customers with Comparison Shopping

While you might offer the best price it’s hard to prove this to a customer, online shops can facilitate comparison shopping.

Improved Customer Service

Ever needed to buy something but changed your mind because you didn’t want to wait in the 20 minute checkout line? Online shops allow customers to buy exactly what they want, when they want and without having to wait in line meaning they walk away happier and make inclined to return.

Easy and Quick

Setting up a physical store is time consuming. Why not save yourself the time and hassle by allowing the design team at Made2Create to create an online shop for your business. Who wants to deal with grumpy contractors when the friendly team at Made2Create can do all the heavy lifting and at a tiny fraction of the price?